"Eloquence (from Latin eloquentia) is a statement that is fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language; thereby, producing conviction or persuasion."

True Eloquence is the WOW factor at Isabelle Rose Interiors.  It's a design statement that is worthy of imitation.  The decor and designs invoke the 'je nais sais quoi' expression that is truly elegant or powerfully persuasive in style.  Wouldn't you agree?  Contact us for a free consultation.

Our Mantra

Create your dreams and live in them!  Make your home a place of adventure, beauty, one that is vibrant in colors and boldness!

about Isabelle Rose

A principal interior designer at True Eloquence, Isabelle has ten years of design experience in a residential capacity and visual merchandising in the commercial arena.    She is a trade member of the prestigious Boston Design Center and collaborates with the best professionals in the trade to define true eloquence in home interiors. With well over 30 years of design experience combined, Isabelle and her colleagues at the BDC will bring a world of beauty to you. 

​ Available to her are numerous resources, including the world renown furniture stores and designers based in North Carolina, to aid in her mission of transforming your home and surroundings into one of perfect harmony.  

Using her signature approach of combining simple pragmatism with elegance, Isabelle’s design touch delivers on comfort and beauty.   Her love affair with mixing design style, classic & casual, is evident in her own décor choices of ‘old world' charm, accented with a dash of modernity and inspired by French Country Chic and influences from the exotic Far East. 

​ As with any design artist, Isabelle’s style is expansive in scope and she enjoys blending the decorating style of ‘shabby chic’ with down home country warmth; her latest obsession is in ‘industrial vintage’ designs and décor that exploits the simple eloquence of wrought iron.   Isabelle's creative vision and passion translates into masterpiece projects that meet her client’s goals, preferences and ideas of home sweet home.

True eloquence, "does not consist in saying great things in a sublime style, but in a simple style; for there is, properly speaking, no such thing as a sublime style, the sublimity lies only in the things; and when they are not so, the language may be turgid, affected, metaphorical, but not affecting." (Oliver Goldsmith, Of Eloquence, 1759)!